The World from the Eyes of a Vizsla

Confessions of a Gourmet Food Connoisseur: Part 1

My brother, DeAndre decided to accompany Hobbes and I on a stroll around my kingdom, Saturday Evening. DeAndre was unaware of the great many locations to find gourmet cuisine in Cape Haze. I pride myself in my Nose, in fact I think I should take out a patent on its spectacularness. I can smell delectable delights in someone’s kitchen from afar. I often go to Quincy’s door, there’s always divine scents wafting under the cracks. (However, rarely do I get the chance to check out the cuisine inside).

Haley’s and Miller’s house are definitely my go to buffets! I fondly remember a time mom was having sushi with Dianne. Dianne’s husband Wayne doesn’t like Sushi so he was having something more delectable, microwaveable pulled pork! While it was nuking the aroma was intense, full-bodied, and it was making me ravenous, I could hardly wait to partake. After they went outside to sit and enjoy their dinner, I knew it was time for my mouth-watering meal! It’s amazing the delectable delights that can be found on countertops! (FYI Canine Friends!)

I personally like to eat alone, so I took my heavenly pork to the nearest bedroom to dine in seclusion and savor the smells and intricate flavors of pork! Ahhh! It was amazing! I heard through Haley that Wayne missed his pulled pork later, not to worry Wayne, it was delicious!
PS: Note to self, don’t leave bowl in bedroom!!

Part 2: Tomorrow Miller’s House

Countertop Dining


2 responses

  1. Auntie Barb

    Whinny….don’t evan want to know what you’re eating now!

    May 15, 2012 at 11:44 am

    • Left over mushrooms! Mom thought she needed them for her salad! I thought I might taste test them for her, well one bite led to another, and I simply couldn’t stop! You know the rest!

      May 15, 2012 at 12:15 pm

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