The World from the Eyes of a Vizsla

Confessions of a Gourmet Food Connoisseur: Part 2

Back to my confessions, as I was saying DeAndre was unaware of all the choice dining locations in Cape Haze, so as we were walking I was becoming more and more ravenous! Luckily we were approaching my favorite place in the world to dine and have fun, Miller’s house (aka…grandma and grandpa’s). As we approached, I noticed my usual entrance was open! I kept thinking about the enticing aroma and superior crunch of Miller’s Dog Chow. I can’t help myself! I am passionate and in love with FOOD, my mom says “obsessed”! I didn’t have time to tell DeAndre where I was going! I ran inside, ran straight to the chow bowl! I don’t know where Grandma and Grandpa were but I knew they wouldn’t mind me dining on any choice treats left around!

I drank some water and did some counter surfing! What a glorious time! I could hear DeAndre knocking on the door, and I could hear him calling my name. There was just a few mere tasty morsels to savor.

I finally left, never did see Grandma or Grandpa! DeAndre said “Winston, I have no idea whose house you were in! (what does it matter if he knows, I knew and that’s all that matters) What was I going to say when they answered the door, excuse me do you know Winston, and by the way, he’s in your kitchen.”. (DeAndre needs to relax, this is my Kingdom after-all!)


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