The World from the Eyes of a Vizsla

Life with a Vizsla, specifically Me, Sir Winston

I love being with mom, every minute! I love doing everything she does! In fact, I don’t understand why she is so slow to comprehend this! When she climbed the ladder to put up Christmas lights, I climbed up the ladder! Why this surprised her, no idea, I am a vizsla! When she climbed a tall chair to put something in the kitchen cabinet, I climbed the chair too! When she goes to work, I want to go too. I even get in the driver’s seat to drive, she needs to ride in back sometimes too!
Well yesterday, mom had errands to run with Auntie Dianne, first we went to Shecklar’s Produce Market. I knew right away I didn’t like this place. They have a picture of a dog posted with a mark through it, are you kidding me! Mom left with the windows down, I cleverly thought of a way to bring her within my eyesight every 30 seconds! What she didn’t know, that I did, was how to set off the car alarm! LOL. All I had to do was jump at the door with my front paws! Every time I did, the alarm would go off, it took her a couple of alarms to figure out what I was doing! I got everyone’s attention, it was hilarious! She literally had to run and shop for vegetables, so I would stop setting off the car alarm! She brought me cherry tomatoes, so I forgave her for leaving me.
You think that would have been the last time she left me, but no she parked under a tree to run in and make an appointment! I realized I was going to have to express my displeasure more clearly, so I kicked it up a notch! I howled so loudly and I undid the seatbelt, seriously she thought I hadn’t been watching and learning how to remove that stupid contraption! Then, I jumped out the window, and ran inside before the door closed, she was in complete shock, to say the least! The people in the office never had a dog there before, I am glad to be an activist for dogs! We dogs need to have the right to be with our people at all times!
Mom is learning slowly, she can’t have fun without me, because I am her fun! This morning at the beach, I made her get in the water because I wouldn’t bring the frisbee back! Once she got in, I swam and swam! I swam for over an hour in the gulf, because she was with me! It was a blast, she finally got it! I will do whatever she does! We still have to figure out how to ride bikes together, but I’ll save that story for another day!

One response

  1. Best beach morning ever! ” Sometimes ya have to jump in and live life instead of watching life from the sidelines”….Shartrina White

    May 27, 2012 at 7:10 pm

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