The World from the Eyes of a Vizsla


Mommy has no idea about all of my talents! But she discovered one of my talents last night! First of all, we dogs are all about having fun and discovering new fun! Yep, that’s what pretty much drives us! ( I’m assuming you know, without me telling you, FOOD, is by all means, most important!).

Ok, I love, love sticking my head out the window of the car, feeling my ears ride the wind, smelling the smorgasbord of aromas, a dog’s delight! I also love hanging my paws out in the wind, but my mom hampers my enjoyment by putting a seatbelt on me. Last night, I really needed “paw time”, so I pushed my nose on the red button and undid my seatbelt, just like mom does it. Voila, my paws are now hanging out the window! It was glorious for all of 30 seconds!

Mom looked back and saw half of a beautiful red vizsla, her little pumpkin, hanging out of the window! You should have heard her, OMG, ” how did your seatbelt come undone?”. As if I was going to tell her. She stopped the car, belted me in again, double checked it, and we were off driving again! I certainly did not have enough “paw time”, so I took my nose and started pushing the red button again, but with extra vigor, because I really needed to hang out!

Mom happened to look back just as I was pushing the seatbelt button, uggg… She now knows one of my secrets! She was suspicious of me the last time I escaped, but chalked it up to her mistake! Now, she knows! I wonder what she is going to do? No matter, I’m sure I’ll figure it out! It’s so funny, she has no idea what I have planned! Stay Tuned!

Here’s a picture of me when I was a puppy! I am so cute and innocent looking, so easy to trick everyone, I love it!


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