The World from the Eyes of a Vizsla

Santa Forgot Me!

I asked Santa for Squinton Squirrell and I got him on Christmas morning.  Mom and I were running and I saw Squinton.  I chased him up a barb wire fence, and Santa made Squinton fall right down in front of me.  My nose nuzzled in his fur, it was soft and cozy.  I just love Squinton.  I don’t know why mom screamed and scared Squinton almost out of his skin.  It was the best.  I decided that if Santa could deliver Squinton to me like that on Christmas, perhaps he could do it every day if I went and lived with him.  I revised my list today and asked Santa to come back and get me.  I promised Santa I would be one of his reindeer.  I’ve sat by the fireplace all day.

IMG_1154I don’t think Santa is coming back for me, I’m always a day late and a biscuit short.


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