The World from the Eyes of a Vizsla


Life’s Partnerships

Every great dog has a great partnership with their human companion. When my mom, “my partner”, is driving. I point the way. If she accidentally drives by the road I want to turn on, I hit the window with my paw and let out a few “yelps”.  She gets the meaning and turns the correct way.  We canines were not born with hands, that doesn’t matter however, because we have our partner.  When I bang on my food bowl with my paws, scoot it across the floor, pick it up, and drop it, my partner knows I’m hungry and it’s time to feed “Your Heiness”, me, Winston.   Our partnerships doesn’t stop there.  My mom picks out the best pillows and I sleep on them.  She’s wonderful. She gets whatever part of the bed is left over, or sometimes I like to sleep on her head, just because.   When I grab her arm and pull on it, she knows it’s time to accompany  “The Royal one, me Sir Winston” on a walk, a run, or a hunt, depending on my mood.  Yes…My Human Companion is well trained,  I am so thankful I got a human that was intelligent, “easily trained”.  However, as a side note, we Viszlas train humans quite well.  For more tips; just ask! Life's Partnerships

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