The World from the Eyes of a Vizsla


Red..the Color of Beautiful, Wonderful, and Spectacular

IMG_5830_HDRI  love my little people friends!!!  She is so beautiful!  She reminds me of “me” 🙂

I’m a “Do it myself kind of dog”

I completely believe in self-reliance.  I love helping myself.  So no more waiting on you to feed me, mom…Na na na na na…I can do it myself.  

P.S.  Thanks for filling my bucket with food, it gave me one more opportunity to watch you work the latch.  It really isn’t that difficult is it?  Thanks mom, you’re the best!  I’ll stop gloating now!  Really!  Oh..yea, one more thing…isn’t wonderful I got second place in yesterday’s Halloween contest too!




My Halloween Party!

I love Cape Haze.  We had a Halloween Party for Dogs, and I got second place to a mop.  I don’t know why I got second, but I still got a goodie bag.  Mom said I’m always first in her eyes.   


These are my friends Max and Gabe.


Max acting like Barney Fife again!   

These two got 1st place….  Maybe next year I’ll go as a vacuum.  Mom says I inhale food like one.  Perhaps I’ll win.



My friend Duffy and Linda.IMG_5684


Martha and BaxterIMG_5689

My Handsome Dad and Stinky Sister, she appropriately went as a skunk. 


My People Friends.IMG_5733_HDR IMG_5739

The Art of Being a Pumpkin

Being a “pumpkin” (i.e. cuddling, hugging, kissing, etc.)  will get you out of ever so much trouble, you can’t even believe the stuff I’ve done and have been forgiven for.  I ate a whole pan of scones that grandma made one time (they were within my reach after all). I ate my neighbors chimichanga (again not my fault), he left it close to my nose.  Those are just a couple of things I did a long time ago.

But I always am a “pumpkin”!  Why: because I never know when the mood might strike, and I might get the urge to do something that I’m not supposed to, I know mom can’t get mad at her “little pumpkin”.  I have perfected the “Art of Being a Pumpkin”…you should give it a try too!pumpkin


To Eat or Not to Eat






A Conundrum!


I’m Amazing!

When my mom and I go “running” which really means “hunting”, we hunt for different animals.  I hunt for rabbits and squirrels, and I’ve noticed that she constantly is looking up in the trees.  So now I do both!  Today I pointed out these beauty’s…in a far off tree.  My mom said I was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!  I knew that already, but I love it when she tells me over and over again.  I especially love it when I get a biscuit for my fabulousness.  P1010900