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Yay!!! Breakfast is almost ready!



Did you say “fish”! I love fishes!


A Glorious Day


We really should go outside!


Whatcha Doin Mom? I’ll help!


How Can I Make my Point more Obvious


I don’t get it, I show mom clearly where the squirrel is, and what does she do? She shoots me with the camera! She is supposed to shoot the squirrel and let me retrieve it! Will someone please take her to obedience class, because she’s not behaving properly!


Ps I still love her lots, and can’t stand to be apart from her for a minute! So make sure I get to go to πŸ™‚


Meet my friend, Duffy…



I found a great Recipe: Squirrel Spaghetti

I found a great Recipe: Squirrel Spaghetti

Wow…my two favorite foods together. Squirrels and spaghetti.

Here is a recipe that solves that chewiness issue. (This doesn’t really matter to me…I like chewy. The chewier the better.) It works well with both old and young squirrels, (Well…I like all squirrels, I’m sure you will too) Try it – it’s great! ( I plan too…yummy, yum, yum…) I am asking all my fans…If I catch the squirrel..will you help me make it? Mom will never go for it. Never, ever!

Squirrel Spaghetti

8 squirrels, each cut into sixths

2 cups oil

2 cups flour

4 pounds onions, chopped

1 12-ounce can tomato paste

1 8-ounce tomato sauce

2 cloves garlic

1 bay leaf


Separate the older squirrels from the younger ones; parboil the older squirrels about one hour, and the younger ones about half an hour. Remove from the water, and save the broth. In a heavy pot, make a roux with the oil and water, stirring constantly over low heat until golden brown (When it gets to be the color of peanut butter, it is about right.)

Add onions and stir and cook until they are limp. Add tomato sauce and three quarts of squirrel broth. Add other ingredients and cooked squirrel. Simmer with lid on about one hour. Salt to taste.

Serve over spaghetti with grated Romano cheese, French bread and a green salad.