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On my Top Ten list of things to do often: Sunset Watching


Deadly bacteria reported off Florida’s coast

I don’t understand how something something so beautiful can contain something so deadly.  For  more information, I’ve attached two articles for you to read.


So Sad..


Saturated, and Discombobulated!


The trails are saturated!  This is before the 8 inches earlier this week.  I haven’t been on the trails since.  Worse than that, my mom is running in the Boston Marathon.  She started training yesterday.  I don’t like it when she trains.  She has to start in the dark, I don’t like the dark, in fact I refuse to run in the dark.   I simply lay down refuse to move.  But I don’t want her to go either.  So I cry and howl at the top of my lungs.  She has started this new game of escaping out of the house without me knowing it.  It’s got me all discombobulated I don’t know where to lie in wait and watch her.  She’s gotten so sneaky.  I have more tricks up my paws…just wait for updates.

I’m not budging, I’m not looking at you, you can’t make me go that way!

I tried to tell her, going this way wasn't a good idea!

I tried to tell her, going this way wasn’t a good idea!


Exactly where does she think this came from? The grocery store!


And exactly who does she think made these? Sylvester the Putty Cat? I don’t think so!


Gardening Dog

First, I locate where the plant should reside!  I strategically try to pick locations that lizards will like to live too.  Then I dig the hole.  Then my mom,  plants the plants.   We have a great system worked out.  She gets vegetables, and my lizards get homes and places to find food.  And I get to find, point, and chase the lizards.  It’s a grand endeavor.  

IMG_1201 IMG_1200


Life’s Partnerships

Every great dog has a great partnership with their human companion. When my mom, “my partner”, is driving. I point the way. If she accidentally drives by the road I want to turn on, I hit the window with my paw and let out a few “yelps”.  She gets the meaning and turns the correct way.  We canines were not born with hands, that doesn’t matter however, because we have our partner.  When I bang on my food bowl with my paws, scoot it across the floor, pick it up, and drop it, my partner knows I’m hungry and it’s time to feed “Your Heiness”, me, Winston.   Our partnerships doesn’t stop there.  My mom picks out the best pillows and I sleep on them.  She’s wonderful. She gets whatever part of the bed is left over, or sometimes I like to sleep on her head, just because.   When I grab her arm and pull on it, she knows it’s time to accompany  “The Royal one, me Sir Winston” on a walk, a run, or a hunt, depending on my mood.  Yes…My Human Companion is well trained,  I am so thankful I got a human that was intelligent, “easily trained”.  However, as a side note, we Viszlas train humans quite well.  For more tips; just ask! Life's Partnerships

My Obsession…Isn’t She Beautiful…the Way She Moves… Drives Me Mad!

My Obsession

My Obsession