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My Halloween Party!

I love Cape Haze.  We had a Halloween Party for Dogs, and I got second place to a mop.  I don’t know why I got second, but I still got a goodie bag.  Mom said I’m always first in her eyes.   


These are my friends Max and Gabe.


Max acting like Barney Fife again!   

These two got 1st place….  Maybe next year I’ll go as a vacuum.  Mom says I inhale food like one.  Perhaps I’ll win.



My friend Duffy and Linda.IMG_5684


Martha and BaxterIMG_5689

My Handsome Dad and Stinky Sister, she appropriately went as a skunk. 


My People Friends.IMG_5733_HDR IMG_5739

I’m Amazing!

When my mom and I go “running” which really means “hunting”, we hunt for different animals.  I hunt for rabbits and squirrels, and I’ve noticed that she constantly is looking up in the trees.  So now I do both!  Today I pointed out these beauty’s…in a far off tree.  My mom said I was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!  I knew that already, but I love it when she tells me over and over again.  I especially love it when I get a biscuit for my fabulousness.  P1010900



I found a great Recipe: Squirrel Spaghetti

I found a great Recipe: Squirrel Spaghetti

Wow…my two favorite foods together. Squirrels and spaghetti.

Here is a recipe that solves that chewiness issue. (This doesn’t really matter to me…I like chewy. The chewier the better.) It works well with both old and young squirrels, (Well…I like all squirrels, I’m sure you will too) Try it – it’s great! ( I plan too…yummy, yum, yum…) I am asking all my fans…If I catch the squirrel..will you help me make it? Mom will never go for it. Never, ever!

Squirrel Spaghetti

8 squirrels, each cut into sixths

2 cups oil

2 cups flour

4 pounds onions, chopped

1 12-ounce can tomato paste

1 8-ounce tomato sauce

2 cloves garlic

1 bay leaf


Separate the older squirrels from the younger ones; parboil the older squirrels about one hour, and the younger ones about half an hour. Remove from the water, and save the broth. In a heavy pot, make a roux with the oil and water, stirring constantly over low heat until golden brown (When it gets to be the color of peanut butter, it is about right.)

Add onions and stir and cook until they are limp. Add tomato sauce and three quarts of squirrel broth. Add other ingredients and cooked squirrel. Simmer with lid on about one hour. Salt to taste.

Serve over spaghetti with grated Romano cheese, French bread and a green salad.

Winston Dreams about Mayberry and Barney Fife.

I was in a Sunday Slumber when I began to have a bizarre dream….of a place called Mayberry.

dreamingThere was a knock at the door and Officer Barney Fife charges in…

IMG_4456Winston your under arrest for stealing toys around the neighborhood…


Wow…this Dreams seems real…

even if I did borrow it…just try and take it from me Barney


Hey Winston…this isn’t a dream…It’s me Max


Let’s play Cops and Robbers Again…that was fun....

Wow…Max those Eardrops I’m takin are makin me loopy…I imagined you were Barney Fife.