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I’m a “Do it myself kind of dog”

I completely believe in self-reliance.  I love helping myself.  So no more waiting on you to feed me, mom…Na na na na na…I can do it myself.  

P.S.  Thanks for filling my bucket with food, it gave me one more opportunity to watch you work the latch.  It really isn’t that difficult is it?  Thanks mom, you’re the best!  I’ll stop gloating now!  Really!  Oh..yea, one more thing…isn’t wonderful I got second place in yesterday’s Halloween contest too!




To Eat or Not to Eat






A Conundrum!


My First Doggy Bone Race!

I did great! My mom and I ran it in 29:05! I really thought the clock should stop for bathroom breaks, but it didn’t! I was so excited at the start of the race, I kept grabbing mom’s arm! Then Mom made me get in three doggy pools during the race, she poured water all over me so I wouldn’t get a heat stroke. I didn’t care, I just wanted to keep running! It was so much fun! There were so many people to pass, I just wanted to keep passing them, one after the other! Afterwards they served dinner, I had the chicken, it was succulent and scrumptious! OMG, I had a blast! Mom let me swim at the waters edge at the end! I told mom, we are running in the turkey trot on Thanksgiving! I’m sure I’ll get Turkey afterwards, running races sure does have a lot of perks! Wow!!! What a day!





Sleight of Hand

Not one of my better moments!!!  So frustrating to see the pictures go on my blog.  But mom said this shows the ups and downs of hunting.  It’s definitely a “down” moment.

Winston’s Law of Physics and Edo Edi Essum

By the way to those of you not up to my Latin vocabulary…Edo Edi Essum meant eating.

squirellBased on Winston’s Laws….hmmm…I have doubled my chances of Edo Edi Essum.  Either the squirrel falls or the red biscuit.  Where did the squirrel get that biscuit.


Edo Edi Essum…It seems like a dream….I really, really am hungry..

winston 1


Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside Conversation