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How Can I Make my Point more Obvious


I don’t get it, I show mom clearly where the squirrel is, and what does she do? She shoots me with the camera! She is supposed to shoot the squirrel and let me retrieve it! Will someone please take her to obedience class, because she’s not behaving properly!


Ps I still love her lots, and can’t stand to be apart from her for a minute! So make sure I get to go to ūüôā

Sleight of Hand

Not one of my better moments!!! ¬†So frustrating to see the pictures go on my blog. ¬†But mom said this shows the ups and downs of hunting. ¬†It’s definitely a “down” moment.

Friday Night Date Night: RUINED

I had plans to ask squirrel to my Inaugural Cape Haze Dance Night!  Squirrel was looking so tasty, I meant beautiful sitting in the tree.


Squirrel, let me bow before you, and ask for your paw in this dance on this fine evening.


I’ll show you how well I can twirl…I’ll spin you on the dance floor, and toss you up, catch you in my mouth! ¬†We shall have such fun. ¬†They will ask us to be on Dancing with the Stars! ¬†I even have a flower for you.

pict 2

Squirrel, I promise you…I am a vegan like my mother! ¬†And no I’m not licking my chops while looking at you…what gave you that idea! ¬†Please come dance with me.


pict 2

Winston’s Law of Physics and Edo Edi Essum

By the way to those of you not up to my Latin vocabulary…Edo Edi Essum meant eating.

squirellBased on Winston’s Laws….hmmm…I have doubled my chances of Edo Edi Essum. ¬†Either the squirrel falls or the red biscuit. ¬†Where did the squirrel get that biscuit.


Edo Edi Essum…It seems like a dream….I really, really am hungry..

winston 1


Sunday Morning Prayers

Sunday Morning Prayers

Dear God,
Please deliver unto me, thy squirrel. Let me chase him through thy pasture, guide and direct me on my hunt. For I am eager and hungry for thy bountiful treasures… sweet succulent squirrels.


Dear God, Whatever Winston's praying for right now, I pray that you show mercy upon me and cancel out his prayers.   PS.  I would close my eyes out of respect, but I have to keep my eyes on Wiley Winston.  I know you understand. Squirrel

Dear God, I ¬†am not asking for much…just a simple prayer. ¬†Whatever Winston’s praying for right now, I pray that you show mercy upon me and cancel out his prayers.
PS. I ask for your forgiveness for praying with open eyes, but I have poor balance when my eyes are shut. ¬† Wiley Winston’s prayers most certainly would be answered. I know you understand.