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Run, Whenever you can! Just Run!

winston run

The View is Fantastic But…


  the seating is too hard…Blucky!   Where’s by luxurious pillow top arm chair?


Mom told me I needed therapy tonight! She said my obsession with food is controlling my life! I don’t understand why she’s so upset! It’s not like she found me lying on the table waiting for dinner, it’s just that I was curious and then I got sleepy, that’s all, there’s a difference you know!

Ps I’m not going to therapy, I’ll just have to lie on a couch and discuss my feelings, I mean really, what’s the difference, a couch… A table? I’m trying to tell Mom she’s just working too much!

I Need to Time to Ponder, Reflect, and Behold the Beauty before me!

I don’t know why people build fences that obstruct my view!




Sometimes my dedication and devotion perplexes me. I mean I literally follow her everywhere!


Perhaps I’ll be a Pumpkin Next Year


I’ve been thinking…which is really hard work, because I do it a lot.  Perhaps I’ll be a pumpkin next year.
IMG_5702 IMG_5698All this thinking is worrisome too!

Best Method to Avoid Ear Cleaning

As soon as your loved one says “ears”, don’t even hesitate, tackle, surprise is the key element to make this strategy work! Then smother with kisses, my mom can’t stop laughing, she still hasn’t remembered to clean them! Works like a charm! GoodLuck, let me know how it works for you!
Yours Truly,